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Breakthroughs in Mental Illness

As part of the 1Church Initiative First Responder Prayer Trust, we have been praying for three prisoners who regularly come into our custody: Andrew, John, and Carl. Each of them is a mentally ill, substance-abusing individual who desperately needs Jesus and the Spirit of the Lord to take control of their life. In our prayers, we ask the Father to save them, restore their minds, and deliver them from substance abuse. As they are set free from all bondages, we also ask that they be brought into God's ministry to others who are dealing with the same issues so that more and more people are set free as a snowball effect.

We have now seen the answer to our prayers for two of these men. Andrew has not come into custody in the past three months (which is an outright miracle in itself).

Some of my Deputies have reported that they have seen Andrew on the streets, sitting in a coffee shop reading the paper acting totally normal (I view the fact that this has been reported it to me as the Lord giving testimony for His glory because there is no reason the Deputies would tell me this information).

John has come into our custody recently and we have had a personal one-on-one conversation where he has thanked me for being patient with him and teaching him things to get his life straightened out.. He has asked me to assist him getting through the intake process normally instead of his usual "out of control" behaviors during intake. On two out of three occasions we have been successful in accomplishing this mission and, praise God, he is now involved in a substance abuse program seeking help.

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